Information about Opt Lasers

Opt Lasers is a dynamically developing brand that manufactures modern devices, modules, and laser components. Thanks to the highly qualified staff, a wide tool base, and high-quality components, we provide our clients with intelligent solutions compliant with the principles of mechatronics and optoelectronics.

Our contractors and staff

We supply widely recognized companies, universities and research laboratories around the world. Our team designs the electronics used in our products by itself to maximize their efficiency and to minimize the costs. We also have a high-quality CNC milling machine. Tomorrow’s System brings together a group of people looking differently at the world. They are the team of talented engineers and technicians ready to start new challenges.

A brief history of the Opt Lasers

Opt Lasers is a brand of Tomorrow’s System Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) based in Poland. The creator of the company is Mateusz Szymański. As a student of Mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology, he discovered his passion. Together with a friend, he decided to set up a start-up in 2012. Two years after starting their activity, they found themselves in the group of winners of the “Best Polish start-up” competition. It was a milestone allowing Opt Lasers to enter the world of lasers and electronics.

From the early development phase, Opt Lasers started cooperation with renowned companies and universities. We created a new line of laser and electronic products that were previously unavailable on the market. One of our achievements was the construction of a laser module focused on a fiber-optic, equipped with a touch screen and – at the time of its construction – with a distinctive power (9 W). We built this laser specifically for the needs of the university, which reported directly to us. At that time in Poland no company offering these types of products.

The large interest in our offer has allowed us to quickly double the number of employees of Opt Lasers, purchase of heavy equipment and renting a new production hall at the end of 2016. The continuous development of the brand meant that already in the middle of 2017. We employed an additional 8 people and moved to a new, even more, extensive production hall.


We are currently focusing on three fields of activity:

  • Construction of heads for CNC machines, accessories, and components for them.
  • Construction and sales of both ready-made and adapted to the customer need laser modules, such as laser diode drivers, temperature controllers, laser modules, both fiber optical and the so-called free space.
  • Creating optoelectronic systems and solutions according to customer requirements. We create projects, build prototypes, implement prepared solutions and integrate it with the already existing systems.

Our online stores


We have an online store where you can buy components manufactured by us, as well as components for independent creation of laser systems:


Since 2019, we have launched a new online store specializing exclusively in laser heads for CNC machines and accessories. We supply pros and hobbyists in:

  • laser heads for CNC machines and 3D printers;
  • laser engraver kits containing a set of elements for a quick and easy assembly of laser heads on devices of selected manufacturers;
  • accessories that improve the comfort of work and extend the capabilities of our laser heads.