The blue CNC laser – the successor of the CO2 laser

Customers choose more often laser heads based on a blue 6 W laser diode module than the classic CO2 lasers. It is because of the parameters, price, fairly simple construction and small size. The blue diode laser modules are more and more widely used not only in industry but also in services.

CNC lasers in carpentry

the work with the Opt Lasers laser headThe 450 nm laser light is strongly absorbed by various types of wood. For this reason, a blue laser head is an ideal tool in carpentry. The Opt Lasers engraving laser head allows you to quickly engrave patterns, images, serial numbers and initials on the surface. By adjusting the beam focus you can get interesting and varied effects when engraving on wood and similar surfaces (plywood, balsa):

  • different shades of the individual pattern pieces,
  • varied line width,
  • different engraving depth.

These unique features of the blue laser beam in wood engraving make Opt Lasers especially focused to adapt the head to this type of material.

  • The entire head has been effectively protected against dust getting inside of it.
  • The integrated high-power fan quickly removes smoke.
  • The docking station using a magnetic holder allows easy disassembly of the head.

After the finished laser engraving, it is worth to disconnect the head from the machine, to not expose it unnecessarily to the risk of contamination or damage while using other tools with the CNC machine.

Cutting rubber and plastics with a blue laser head

laser cuttingThe high absorption of the blue light also allows a quick cutting of materials such as rubber and plastics. The laser does not damage the protective layers of fabrics, nor is it exposed to the risk of dullness. Don’t forget that the laser diode loses its power along with a high operation. You should replace it than with a new one.

The long life of the blue laser diode used in the laser (over 10,000 hours) makes it perfectly suited for industrial manufacturing applications.

The small size of the laser head allows its assembly even in machines with a high density of elements (for example, equipped with many rubber cutting knives). The fan supplied with the head quickly gets rid of smoke, which is particularly dangerous when working with plastics.

CNC laser in the paper industry

Cardboard, paper, plastics, and special laminates are very grateful materials when working with a diode laser module. Opt Lasers laser heads engrave and cut the above materials. The small size allows an easy mounting of the head in almost all mechanical machines used in the paper industry. Thanks to these modules based on laser diodes perfectly replace much less practical CO2 lasers.

The 3D printer laser engraver

The compact form and lightness of the PLH3D series allow you to adapt this laser head to almost any 3D printer or CNC machine. Diode laser modules are also cheap to use. At the same time, the blue 6 W laser beam can cut materials such as:

  • cardboard,
  • balsa
  • thinner pieces of wood,
  • textiles,
  • plastics,
  • rubber.

The blue laser head is also suitable for engraving on metals and even glass – despite its transparency. You have to apply a trick here. You can engrave glass by removing the paint or oxide layer from the painted/oxidized surface. In this way, you can create photo-based images.