New capabilities of 3D printers

A laser head is a useful addition not only to CNC machines. The usage of lasers in 3D printers extends its functions. It also allows precise laser engraving and cutting on the material.

PLH3D laser head in a 3D printer

PLH3D 2W engraving laser head for 3D printers PLH3D series laser heads with the mounted 450 mm blue laser diodes, allow engraving on filaments* of different colors. The laser controller is compatible with a variety of control signals, such as TTL, PWM or analog signal. A wide range of supply voltage (12V – 24 V) and low head weight (210g / 7.4 oz) makes it suitable for most 3D printers on the market.

For larger machines, you can use the stronger 6 W laser head PLH3D-6W. For printers with a delicate construction, we recommend our 2 W laser head PLH3D-2W.

PLH3D series laser heads use 450 nm laser diode modules. It is a new technology that is better in many aspects than a traditionally used laser. For example, a CO2 laser that is more expensive to maintain and much larger. You can install the blue laser head very easily. They can also work on a variety of materials, such as plastics, leather, wood, cardboard, and textiles. What is more, they can mark stainless steel and titanium.

The blue CNC lasers are also good for other applications. For example – using black paint and the laser we can very quickly prepare a printed board for etching without the need for the thermal transfer technique.

OEM solutions for 3D printers

Opt Lasers provides a wide range of options and OEM solutions for manufacturers that want to get a good quality laser head specially designed to their 3D printer.

We can easily adapt the construction and laser features, such as mechanical sizes and shape, fan type, beam focus, distance from the engraved surface, optical power and connectors type to the preferences of the manufacturer. The personalization is an ideal option for manufacturers and distributors of 3D printers and CNC machines. Our engineers work closely with contractors to choose the optimal solution.

*Filament –material (plastic with a certain size, wounded on a spool) used in 3D printers that prints in the FDM technology.