Dedicated kits for laser engraving

The Opt Lasers offer is systematically expanding. We already have three new dedicated laser engraver kits for CNC machines and 3D printers, and we are constantly working on new ones. This time we were pleased with the owners of ZMorph, Workbee, CNC Router Parts.

The laser for ZMorph

the laser for ZMorph 3D printer
The 6W laser for the multifunctional 3D printer Zmorph is a special premiere for us because it is the result of long-lasting cooperation with the ZMorph manufacturer. The 2.8 W laser offered so far is a very good quality tool, but with power that is not enough for some applications.

Our new blue 6-watt laser solves this problem. It allows you to mark some metals, such as titanium or steel. Engraving also gains speed with it. We do not doubt that users will also find other applications in which a more powerful laser will bring better results. Our laser comes with a mount and cover, as well as safety glasses. For that reason, you can use the laser head immediately and without any problems.

work with the ZMorph laser

Information for people who do not know this 3D printer yet: ZMorph was one of the first multi-tool solutions. It allows the desktop 3D printer not only to print in 3D on a variety of materials (e.g. food) but also to perform tasks previously reserved for CNC machines, such as milling. Laser engraving and cutting were other factory options offered by the manufacturer.

After years of experience, we received the device leading in its market segment.

The laser for Workbee

the workbee laser
The Workbee machine kit is part of our policy of providing high-quality CNC lasers for machines from leading manufacturers. This is one of the most popular CNC machines on the market today. In the set, as usual, we provide everything necessary for quick installation and comfortable and safe work. The set includes:

  • the 6 W laser head with accessories – the nozzle and replaceable lenses,
  • the dedicated holder,
  • the new version of the adapter (equipped with a key that allows you to mechanically cut off the power supply or make sure that the laser is not powered at the moment),
  • the docking station enabling easy attachment and disconnection of the head from the machine, and
  • safety glasses.

The laser for CNC Router Parts

Avid CNC laser

The kit for CNC machines manufactured by CNC Router Parts has similar equipment as our kits with the laser for X-Carve, Shapeoko, Workbee. Note, that the “CNC Router Parts” name has now changed and these machines are sold under the Avid CNC brand.

Currently, to almost all sets we add a standard tool that allows you to properly set the head for work.

In addition, each set can be purchased with a new μSpot laser head. It is intended for very fast laser engraving, as well as cutting of very thin materials. We developed the μSpot head especially for industrial plants for cutting textiles.