CNC lasers – laser heads for 3D printers and CNC machines

The CNC laser is no longer science fiction. Lasers are more and more common in all kinds of applications, including material processing – not only on an industrial scale.

What is a CNC machine?

CNC is an abbreviation of the term Computerized Numerical Control. Although the name has a much wider application, the term CNC refers to a numerically controlled material processing.

We can say that CNC machines have revolutionized production. One CNC machine is able to perform a wide range of operations. It depending primarily on its software, which can be freely changed – changing this way it works properties. A CNC machine turns out to be much more universal than the current industrial automation, which cannot perform activities other than those programmed by the manufacturer.

It is important to program the CNC machine correctly to perform its tasks well. In the mean of industrial production, it is strongly recommended to consult with the material scientist who should actively plan with us the work cycle.

CNC machine and laser

laser module with the blue laser diode The laser – as everyone knows – it is a light focused to a very narrow beam. It allows concentrating the light energy in a very small area. Operating on physical objects with pure energy (which is light) allows you to get unexpected before results and to bypass the limitations of tools that have a material form.

Until recently, we could use lasers mainly in scientific laboratories. Today, machines that use a laser for digital material processing (CNC) are no longer the domain of research centers and the most technologically advanced international corporations.

The combination of laser processing with numerical control gives unprecedented possibilities even to small plants and service points. This is due to the progress of laser technology. Laser heads that use blue light are cheaper than traditional CO2 lasers, more friendlily in operation and allow achieving in most cases comparable effects. CNC laser diode modules got even into the so-called home production, shown by the dynamic development of the hobby use of CNC machines. The blue laser attachment for the CNC router makes your home CNC machine becomes a laser wood engraver.

Opt Lasers laser heads for engraving

We can divide applications of the laser heads in general into cutting and engraving. In the case of cutting CO2 lasers still find their usage, but in engraving on materials other than metal, more and more manufacturers replace them by laser diode modules based on the blue 450 nm light. They are – as mentioned – not only definitely cheaper, but also smaller and make much less trouble with the installation and exploitation. To the extent that some companies created laser heads, which you can easily mount on almost any CNC machine, increasing this way the scope of its capabilities.

The leader in the market of high-quality laser heads for engraving is the Opt Lasers brand. If you are interested in buying this type of head, please visit the Opt Lasers online store.

Opt Lasers – high-quality laser heads

Opt Lasers engraving laser heads have one of the best qualities on the market, being the result of several features of the Opt Lasers products:

  • High power. The used laser diode modules have an original power of 6 W, which, with high absorption of the blue light, allows them to compete with CO2 lasers. If you are looking for more power, we recommend you our latest product – PLW 12000 laser head with 12 W power.
  • Long lifetime. The laser heads from Tomorrow’s System have long satisfactory performance parameters (please, note that all diodes burn out over time). Some competitors’ products get similar power by overclocking diodes with lower nominal power, which reduces drastically their lifetime.
  • Versatility. The control modules work with every type of signal controlling CNC machines. They also allow for a power supply in the 12-24 V range.
  • Careful project. The entire laser head and its individual modules are extremely user-friendly. We took care of the solid, compact construction and well-thought, safe and ergonomic solutions.
  • “Plug and Play” startup. It requires a minimum of additional operations after their installation, mainly a change settings in the CNC machine control software.
  • Protection against splashes and dust. It is an important advantage when working with, e.g. wood.
  • Overheating protection. It will automatically turn off the laser after exceeding the pre-set temperature.
  • Efficient heat dissipation. This has an influence on shorter downtimes at work, shortening the project execution time.
  • Easy power adjustment and beam focus (not every model). It also allows engraving in shades of gray and selecting the optimal settings for each operation.

Laser engraver kits for CNC machine X carve, Stepcraft, Shapeoko

Opt Lasers has prepared ready adaptation kits for the popular on the market CNC machines. Check the laser for X-carve, Stepcraft, and Shapeoko machines. Each laser engraver kit contains our high-quality laser head and everything you need to mount it. Addition to all kits are high-quality safety goggles with CE certificate, protecting against the laser light emitted by the blue laser head.


Each full kit is cost-effective in relation to products purchased separately.