Full sets for CNC machines

Laser engraver kits were created to facilitate the users’ assembly of laser attachments on CNC machines. They contain not only all the necessary components, but also assembly instructions.

Our sets can be divided into:

the universal laser engraver kit

  1. Universal sets designed to facilitate head assembly on any CNC machine or 3D printer. Universal sets include 6 W laser, universal adapter for CNC machine, magnetic docking station, nozzle, two lenses, safety goggles for 450 nm. Universal kits are not focused on all individual features of the CNC machine. As a consequence, you should prepare the laser holder by yourself and you should be aware that the attached head may have a slightly limited working area.
  2. Dedicated sets contain all the elements needed for a laser upgrade of a specific CNC machine manufacturer. Such sets usually have a holder prepared especially for a given machine. Dedicated kits are specially designed to avoid the field of work minimization. On the other hand, laser engraver kits do not have elements that are not useful for this machine. For example, laser for Stepcraft does not include LaserDock due to the way the head is mounted on the Stepcraft machine. The differences in the contents of the sets are reflected in their prices.

Universal laser engraver kits

Opt Lasers have prepared two variants of the universal laser engraver kit:

  1. professional kit, with PLH3D-6W-XF head and magnetic docking station,
  2. hobby kit designed for home CNC machines, with a simpler 6 W laser model, and without LaserDock.

The first set contains all possible amenities, which, however, translates into its higher price. The hobby set is cheaper but has only the basic elements needed to get started.

Dedicated laser kits

At the moment Opt Lasers has prepared three dedicated kits:

the shapeoko laser

Laser for Shapeoko. Opt Lasers PLH3D-6W-XF laser head as a Shapeoko laser is intended for professional use. In addition to the adapter, cables and safety goggles it has a holder easily attachable to Shapeoko machines and magnetic docking station.

Website of the CNC machine manufacturer

the X-Carve laser

Laser for X-Carve. Like Shapeoko kit, X-Carve kit includes the PLH3D-6W-XF head as an X-Carve laser, accessories, docking station and holder. In addition, the kit includes an X-Carve adapter with a set of cables.

Website of the CNC machine manufacturer

the Stepcraft laser

Laser for Stepcraft. The CNC laser offered by Opt Lasers has more power than the Stepcraft laser offered by the manufacturer. The full kit includes the professional 6W laser – the PLH-3D-6W-XF. The kit does not include a docking station or charger, because these elements are not needed. The set also includes a focus beam adjuster.

Website of the CNC machine manufacturer.

Kits and parts available separately

Almost all items included in individual sets can be purchased separately. If you already have our laser head, you can buy only the necessary parts. On the other hand, the price of the entire dedicated set is lower than of all its components sold separately. Therefore, buying a set is a good choice when you are just planning a laser upgrade for a CNC machine.

Opt Lasers is constantly working on new solutions. Therefore, if you didn’t find a set designed for your machine in our offer, we invite you to visit regularly and check for new products available in our online store. Laser engraver kits are also available on our company website