Blue laser in CNC machines

The small size of laser heads based on blue laser diodes enables their easy installation on all types of CNC machines. The original Opt Lasers solutions make it easy to mount and connect to your CNC system.

Non-laser CNC machines

Currently, the adaptation of a non-laser CNC machine to work with a laser head does not make any difficulties. The laser diode modules are small, so they are easy to “plug” into the device. In the case of Opt Lasers heads, this is done via the docking station, to which the head is attached magnetically.

The laser head has a very low electricity need, so you can usually use the original power supply of the device. We adopted our laser module to supply in the 12-24 V range, which further facilitates the task. Opt Lasers also solved the issue of control so the user has as less trouble as possible. The laser heads can be controlled by TTL, PMW and analog signals.

An example of using an Opt Lasers laser head for a CNC machine without a laser is PLH3D-6W-XF as X-carve laser.

CNC machines with a laser of weaker parameters

Our engraving laser heads can also be attached to machines from manufacturers offering a weaker or less-functional laser. This solution will work well in the case of intensive laser usage, giving the following benefits:

  • shortens the working time on a single project (higher power),
  • extends the lifetime of the head and reduces the number of downtimes (protection of laser head elements),
  • it will reduce the work nuisance due to more efficient smoke extraction,
  • new possibilities related to the regulation of the beam focus.

About Opt Lasers laser engraving heads

PLH3D engraving laser headThe PLH3D series of laser heads have a high tolerance to oscillation and vibration, and the covered printed board is resistant to metal splinters. Our heads do not require additional cooling systems.

We offer currently 6 W laser heads from the PLH3D series in two variants:

  • PLH3D-6W-XF with additional improvements like a stronger fan and a focus distance adjustment. Recommended primarily for typically professional applications.
  • PLH3D-6W-hobby basic model, with the same power, but at a lower price. It has no beam focus adjustment and has a weaker fan attached. It is still perfect for simpler applications and less intensive work – for example for hobbyists.
  • PLH-12000 is our latest and strongest laser head recommended for professional use. 12 watts of power increases the number of applications of the CNC laser and shortens the time of work on the project.

Accessories for laser heads

Engraving laser heads have the following additional accessories:

LaserDock – magnetic docking station PLH3D Series. It allows a rapid assembly and disassembly of the laser head. Thanks to this solution, we protect a currently unused laser against dust. This solution is perfect for a CNC machine working with different laser heads. The LaserDock also improves the safety of worker due to immediate power disconnection of the laser head removed from the docking station.

Nozzle PLH3D series (adapter Ø43mm). It improves the work of the fan and protects the optics. We recommended it when you engrave or cut smoke-producing materials. You can mount it magnetically.